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AERGO is a 4th generation blockchain protocol combined with an IT platform that uses advanced technologies. It includes a comprehensive ecosystem of complementary decentralized application (“dApp”), technologies and service providers that leverage secure cloud delivery models. Underlying technologies in AERGO are proposed to be made open source as it is truly an open and decentralised system.

1. Economic model of the project:

  • Hardcap — $30 000 000;
  • Token price — $0.20;
  • Tokens sold during Private Sale — 144 151 452 AERGO;
  • Collected during the Private Sale — $28 832 654

There will be no crowdsale, there is a rewards program for community for the total amount of $3 000 000 instead. You can read about it:

2. Vesting period: ТВА.

3. Tokens Unlock: within 12 months from the TGE date;

4. Social Network activities (on 02.10.2018):

Besides, there are chats in other messengers:

There is a page on Medium:

And a registered profile on LinkedIn:

5. Investors:

FBG capital — one is the most famous venture funds investing into crypto projects during sead round or private sale. — 26 registered employees and 932 followers in LinkedIn.

Investment portfolio of the fund:

GBIC — multy-strategical cryptofund with offices around the world: in New York, Shanghai, Seoul. They are investing into projects exclusively at the earliest stages (sead round, private sale). — 29 registered employees and 20 followers in LinkedIn.

In investment portfolio there are such projects as: Vault12, Perlin, HADRON, Logos Network, Ankr, Origo, Metadium, ICON, QSP, etc.

Lemniscap — is an investment and advisory firm specializing in investments in emerging crypto assets and advising early stage blockchain startups. — 8 registered employees and 48 followers in LinkedIn. The company was founded in 2017 with a headquarter in Hong-Kong.

Investment portfolio includes: Harmony, Algorand, RSK, Bitmax, NCent, Blockcloud, Fantom, Ankr, Beam.

Decrypt Capital — is a blockchain investment firm with an emphasis on privacy-preserving protocols and early-stage ventures. — 6 registered employees and 140 followers in LinkedIn. Company was founded in 2017 with a headquarter in Berkeley.

Investment portfolio of the fund:

Rockaway Blockchain — venture fund investing into projects at the earliest stages. They say: «We invest in promising blockchain startups, which we help to grow. We are a long-term investor, which applies traditional venture capital investing to crypto.»

The company’s strategy is divided into 2 directions:

  • startup investment — 70% of the funds;
  • cryptocurrencies trading — 30% of the funds.

The company is registered in March 2018.

Investment portfolio includes: Oasis Labs, Blockcloud, QuarkChain, Origo.

BA Capital — is a crypto fund that was founded by Mr. Oliver Ma (Bitmain`s angel investor) and Jia Tian (chief technical expert and Bitfinex shareholder) in Singapore.

Investment portfolio includes: OMG, Thunder Token, Oasis, Certik, Cortex, Iotex.

JRR Crypto – Chinese venture cryptofund that has invested into such projects as QuarkChain, Merculet, DCC, WAX. Besides, the fund indicates to be one of the main investors in crypto currencies exchange №1 Binance.

4 followers in LinkedIn and no more info.

Block Crafters Capital — venture fund of a professional team of experts in blockchain, startups as well as traditional finance that invests exclusively in blockchain technologies. — 6 registered employees and 30 followers in LinkedIn. The company was founded in 2018 with headquarter in Singapore.

Company`s investment portfolio is a bit more modest and includes: TTC, DAV, Metadium, Zper, cosmochain, Fantom.

Chainfund — is an American venture fund investing into high-technology blockchain-projects and advising early stage blockchain startups. — 4 registered employees and 41 followers in LinkedIn. Headquarter is located in San-Francisco.

Investment portfolio of the fund includes: Zilliqa, Arweave, Thunder Token, Oasis Labs, Wanchain, Basis, cosmos, Eximchain, ONT, Aelf, Iotex.

We can see influential funds among AERGO investors, they are able not only to support the project financially, but also can provide further support in the development of this project.

6. Partners:

One of the partners of the project is (development and support) is a working Korean blockchain, founded in 2014, in which Samsung invested. Blocko develops a blockchain middleware platform for digital identity cards and payment services.

Blocko offers its customers the following services:

  • Blockchain platform: 1. Infrastructure for public and free-access blockchain networks; 2. Middleware with development and monitoring tools for corporate dApps; 3. Ready inter-process APIs for enterprises.
  • Professional services: Technical consulting and advisory services in blockchain implementation.
  • Accommodation support: 1. Technical support for middleware and application development; 2. Support and updates for ready solutions.

Blocko is a winner of innovative fintech Accenture laboratory in Hong Kong.

Main investors of Blocko: SparkLabs Ventures, POSCO, Premier Partners, Samsung Venture Investment, Daesung Private Equity and Wonik Investment Partners.

Blocko’s partners are the leading international companies:

Its flagship Coinstack is widely used by large financial and technical firms, such as: Lotte Card, Hyundai Card, Samsung SDS и LG CNS. Samsung SDS together with Blocko launched last year its own business platform Nexledger for the adoption of Samsung Card, a credit card unit of the largest conglomerate in Korea.

Coinstack is a packaged solution that supports everything that is required for free-accessed blockchain networks infrastructure, and tools that allow to develop and manage dApps.

Coinstack increases the enterprise productivity by supporting a wide range of services on a single platform — from mobile financial applications with 2 million daily users to tools for processing digital business systems.

Coinstack supports Java, Javascript, Python, Golang and Lua, providing a development environment that allows any developer to easily create dApps. — 292 followers and 45 registered employees in LinkedIn. The company was founded in 2014. Headquarter: Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.

Blocko is expanding and opened an office in London this year.

As can be seen from the description, the company is quite serious with extensive experience in the field of blockchain-technology. As you will see later, all technical and business teams, founders and heads of committees have completely moved to this project from

7. Roadmap:

8. Token: AERGO — Utillity. Purpose: Fee for transactions. Staking for voting. Currency for public services.

9. Who cannot participate: Participants from China and USA.

10. WhiteList/KYC – reward program in progress till 14.10.2018 (14:00 GMT)

11. Blockchain: YES (AERGO will be a distributed modern ecosystem built around a high-performance, secure and easy to use public blockchain (that we call AERGO Chain).

12. Patents: Not now. Team wants  to contribute to open source community.

13. MVP: Testnet launch is scheduled for Q4 2018, and the mainnet for Q1 2019.

Similar projects:

This project can be compared with such projects as Stratis and SophiaTX, as well as Bluzelle (for some parameters).


GitHub of the project includes 13 repositories in which the active work is carried out. At the moment, more than 436,000 lines of code are written. 22 people work on GitHub. Main programming languages are: Go, JavaScript, C.

It is also possible that the most part of the code is located in private Blocko repositories.

Please look at This is SQLite fork, which scored in a few weeks more than 1200 (!!!) stars, that means programmers really like it.


«Their parent company Blocko has a GitHub, but very anemic. As they make private blockhains, there is a chance that the most delicious things are hidden.«

In addition, you can read our AERGO’s CODE REVIEW

AERGO Ecosystem:

AERGO Architecture:

  • AERGO Chain — is a blockchain designed to mitigate issues currently experienced with public blockchains. It aims to include an SQL based smart contract platform as well as advanced features, such a distributed version and concurrency control;
  • AERGO Hub — a blockchain hosting service that acts as a the public interface for building, testing deploying and managing independent blockchains based on AERGO Chain. Enriched with tools and supporting services, AERGO Hub seeks to bring to life the AERGO Chain blockchain protocol and supporting services;
  • AERGO Marketplace — platform to enable the sale and purchase of peer-to-peer computing assets. AERGO Marketplace to be accessed via the AERGO Hub public interface. Computing assets would include: storage, computing power, algorithms, contents, and more.

AERGO Marketplace Scheme of work:

Technical Whitepaper

Core architecture:

  • The core of the system consists of the following components: Blockchain engine, only one of its components called DD (Distributed Directory) is described — this is a system block that has its namespace and contains information about all the branches in repositories, is used to manage metadata, Virtual Machines AERGOVM and EVM, Block generator;
  • Smart Oracles — oracle service providing the ability to retrieve data from external sources (Active Directory, email, SMS, etc);
  • AERGO core consensus algorithm — DPoS, for user-defined repositories can be used other consensus algorithm: RAFT — for development or PBFT — for strict ordering;
  • AERGOSQL — language for writing smart contracts using relational data model and SQL-like syntax:
  • A distributed file system is a key component, metadata about each file including physical location, hash value, and various statistics is stored within the DD. Each node can store an unlimited amount of data;
  • Distributed version control system — fork support, block reorganization, data merging from different repositories (possible in automatic mode).

Technical Paper is of high-quality, does not contain excessive «water.» However, some technical points are not properly described.



Phil Zamani — 500+ in LinkedIn

COO (London)

Global Head of Big Data & Cloud Biz Models at Santander

Senior VP of Cloud Biz Unit at Deutsche Telekom

Hun Young Park — 179 in LinkedIn


Roderik van der Graaf — 500+ in LinkedIn

Founder of Lemniscap, an investment and advisory firm in the blockchain space. adviser

Committees Heads

Won-Beom Kim — 108 in LinkedIn

Founder and CEO of

Technical Adviser at Lemniscap

Jane Lee — 345 in LinkedIn

СSO (chief strategy officer) in

Before that, she worked as a strategic manager for 7 years at Accenture

Alison Shim — 500+ in LinkedIn

CIO (chief innovation officer) в Blockо.io

Before that, she worked as a strategic consultant for 5 years in Accenture

Tech Team

Kyung Tae Lee Chief researching engineer at

Sung Jae Woo Chief researching engineer at

Yun Park Chief researching engineer at

Pierre-Alain Ouvrard Blockchain researches and development at

Business Team

Han Kim — PR at

Camron Miraftab — Development Director at Вlockо.io

Seona Kim — Project Manager at Вlockо.io

Resume on the Team:

The team is very high-skilled from, with experience in developing blockchain-projects of various levels.


Eddie Alleyn

674 followers in LinkedIn

Eddie Alleyn is a technology entrepreneur and expert in security and secure communications. Educated in Oxford. He spent thirty five years leading special projects for the UK Government, in the Ministry of Defence and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. From 2011-2016 he was Chair and CEO of HMGCC, an agency of the FCO, involved in the design, manufacture and integration of secure communications and cyber systems for the UK Government. He is now an Exec and Non-Executive Director to innovative tech start-ups in the security and cyber security fields, and an Adviser to SANS Institute (including the British program Cyber Schools). Eddie knows how to get the best out of innovative technology and engineering teams to deliver ground-breaking security solutions.

Dr. Riad Hartani

500+ followers in LinkedIn

An adventurous traveler who has visited more than 100 countries on six continents, one of the Riad’s passions is to explore technical innovation models in different cultures. He is focused on an early stage high-risk technological ideas development and their scaling to world markets. He was a co-founder of Xona Partners, a consulting firm for strategy and investment in, a joint venture studio for Fintech, and Padovani Ventures, a developing global innovation technology center. He held various senior positions in a series of start-ups in Silicon Valley, including: the head of system engineering at Wichorus (acquired by Tellabs), the leader of innovative wireless Internet projects, the technology manager in Anagran (acquired by Saisei), the design of network systems and the chief architect in Caspian (purchased by Sable), building Internet backbone routers. He previously held leading engineering roles at Nortel & Canadian National Research Labs in Canada, at Hitachi Central Research Labs in Japan and at French national research laboratories in France. He was the founder and adviser of various technological start-ups in more than 15 countries, and also a trusted adviser to governments and technical companies, including some of the 10 largest corporations and private investment companies in the world. He has two Engineering and Masters Degrees — Applied Math & Industrial. Riad holds a Ph.D in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Paris and completed his doctoral and postgraduate work at the University of California at Berkeley — all at the age of 25. Then he graduated from Executive Education at Stanford Graduate School of Business. He is frequent chairman and speaker at industry events (over 200 conferences / industry articles / articles), patents and inventions owner, Investment Angel and university professor.

Joon-Hong Jake Kim – not identified in LinkedIn

With deep understanding of capital market and hands-on experience back-end computing, Jake Kim manages Seoul based cryptocurrency funds.

He is an startup investor and entrepreneur with 20 years of combined experiences in capital market, consultancy and large-scale back-end and middleware systems development.

Jake currently manages Innobase, a corporate venture capital of Kolon group.

Djamel Souici

764 followers in LinkedIn

He is an experienced consultant in leading legal and multifunctional teams in international corporations with a wide knowledge in international labor law, data protection management, mergers and acquisitions, commercial contracts and general corporate legal matters. He is focused on shareholder value and consistency with investors and key executives in support of the company’s strategy. Significant acquisitions (including integration), experience in companys` closure and reorganization. Proven high professionalism with more than 17 years of experience in fast growing markets and more than 15 years of management experience. He has experience in developing and managing relationships with key parties concerned and shareholders, including private capital (especially in multinational and multicultural environments).

Pierre F. Suhrcke

500+ followers in LinkedIn

Pierre Suhrcke is a leading Fintech expert and investor in Europe, having been active in this sector since 2000. Pierre spent more than 17 years in various senior executive management positions in Investment Banking at Deutsche Bank in London and Frankfurt (Equities, Risk Management and Head of Capital Venture Partners). Pierre is currently a Venture Partner at Tempocap, a European technology investment firm, and a board member of Acorus Capital, a Hong Kong based Private Equity firm. He is an angel investor, mentor and advisor to companies — having worked with and sat on the board of — over 20 successful private companies (US & Europe). He is frequently invited as an expert fintech panel member at leading conferences.

Vincent Zhou

500+ followers in LinkedIn

Vincent is founding partner of FBG Capital, with extensive experience in digital assets trading and investment. Vincent is also an early investor of a broad spectrum of blockchain companies and projects. He is considered as one of the most well-connected and visionary crypto hedge fund managers in Asia.

Sinhae Lee

500+ followers in LinkedIn

Sinhae Lee is a Partner at GBIC, leading blockchain investments and accelerating robust projects. Prior to joining GBIC, she has been deeply involved in the FinTech/blockchain industry in Silicon Valley. She led business development and operations at a payment start-up, Coin, which was acquired by FitBit in 2016 and later worked at NerdWallet, a FinTech start-up in San Francisco. She started her career as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company. She brings her Silicon Valley and consulting experience to the blockchain/crypto industry. Sinhae holds an MBA from Stanford University and a B.A. in Business from Korea University.

Julian Lenz

500+ followers in LinkedIn

Julian Lenz is an experienced investor and advisor to a selective number of blockchain projects. As a serial entrepreneur (and early stage investor in the crypto market over the past five years) he has relationships and with advanced teams that are creating innovative solutions on. Julian has previously been an advisor and mentor to many startups involved with cryptography and enterprise-IT (as part of his Techstars work). He has an extensive crypto network — cultivated links to developers, partners, incubation labs and other research groups — that are exploring ways to solve real-life business problems using blockchain technology. Julian is a trusted advisor to many projects, crypto-funds and influencers that develop or work with bleeding edge protocols and dAPP’s.

Advisors of a very high level, who have many years of experience in blockchain research and development.


Conclusions on the project:

In general, the project looks quite confident. Behind the project stands a very well-known and strong Blocko company (the management and the project team work in Blocko), which is very well known in the development of blockchains of various levels for world-famous companies. In addition, the advisers of the project are very high-level and have many years of experience in the blockchain-development. GitHub of the project looks good — at the moment a lot of code is written and active work continues. TP of the project is a very high-level, although not all technical points are described properly. It can also be noted that the Blocko architecture presented in AERGO touches key issues and, together with Coinstack, implements a hybrid public-private blockchain model to create an improved solution for its corporate clients.

Absence of public sale is disappointing, although it was replaced by a reward system for community.

AERGO team is fighting very actively against those who are trying to resell allocation to private pools (OTC-deals). As a result, they completely managed to eradicate transactions of this kind, which should positively affect the further development of the project.


Rating: based on all the above information, the evaluation of the project — HIGH.

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